Developed specifically for 6th grade, this outreach program explores stability and changes in ecosystems using inquiry based learning, hands on activities, and our Animal Ambassadors.  This program is free to public/charter 6th grade classes in Utah.


Classroom Application/Core Curriculum

6th Grade SEED Standard 6.4.4 – Students will learn that the stability of populations is affected by changes to an ecosystem.   Students will also learn how living and nonliving components in an ecosystem affect populations in that ecosystem.

Our Animal Ambassadors

Students have the opportunity to interact with our Animal Ambassadors that may include:

  • Argentine black and white tegu
  • Bredli carpet python
  • African pygmy hedgehog
  • Giant cave cockroach
  • Three-banded armadillo
Harmony Lake Video Game

Maintain your own Aquatic ecosystem in this unique videogame