Antarctic Adventure

Come with us on an adventure to the Falkland Islands where you will meet Gentoo Penguins.

Feature Exhibits Include:

The Mountain America Credit Union Penguin Research Station

Mountain America Penguin Research Station

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Mountain America Credit Union Penguin Encounter at The Living Planet Aquarium

Penguins waddle into our hearts in popular movies and television programs. They adorn our t-shirts, line our bookshelves and appear in our holiday cards. They stand upright and march along in single file. They huddle together when cold, and they swim beautifully. They love to dress formally, and they mate for life (well, sometimes!). In other words, penguins remind us of ourselves. That makes them a natural--and powerful--choice to help explain how the changing climate conditions around us affect our precious wildlife...and us. By bringing excitement and fun to The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, the penguins help raise awareness of the issues facing these and the other 16 species of penguins in their natural environment. Since penguins are specialized for swimming and diving in the oceans, human-induced changes to their environment affect them more than other seabirds. Oceanic changes worldwide are causing habitat deprivation and decline in penguin populations. The survival of penguins and all other wildlife depends on our ability to protect them and their habitats. If we are successful in protecting the penguins' environment, we are ensuring a healthier environment for ourselves and for our children.


The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is home to 11 captive raised Gentoo penguins. When guests enter the exhibit they will find themselves immersed in a “Falkland Island Research Station” where they will have the chance to observe the unique behaviors of these aquatic birds as they splash and dive underwater in their naturalistic habitat. On land, penguins are not very graceful, but you’ll soon understand why everyone says these birds really “fly” underwater. With paddle-like wings providing propulsion, and their feet and tail providing steering and braking, these animals will amaze everyone with their agility and speed below the water. Gentoo penguins can swim up to 22 miles per hour, declaring them the fastest species of penguins.

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The Penguin Encounter is a once in a lifetime chance to interact with Gentoo penguins from the Antarctic! The Penguin Encounter is a 45-minute program designed to allow guests to get up close to one of the penguins from Falkland Island Exhibit. Led by an Aquarium biologist, the experience starts at the front of the exhibit and takes guests behind the scenes to the chilly penguin exhibit while discussing penguin biology, conservation, training, enrichment and care.

Call 801-355-3474 ext. 218 to book your Penguin Encounter!

1:00pm Thursday-Tuesday
Limit 10 people per encounter. 
Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a legal guardian. 
Each child under the age of 5 must have an adult with them. 
$24.95 per person or $19.95 for members.