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Most people never get the opportunity to explore the ocean depths. It´s absolutely vital that we do all we can to understand and protect the ocean habitat, which covers over 70 percent of our living planet. Tropical rain forests cover about 7 percent of Earth´s surface, yet are absolutely essential to our global ecosystem. They are home to more than half of all the species on Earth and absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen to Earth´s atmosphere. Yet, how many of us have the opportunity to travel to a tropical rain forest? Over 41 percent of all known fish species live in freshwater but we rarely have the opportunity to know much about them, much less observe them in their natural habitats.

Aquariums become our best way to learn respect for, observe and understand the complexities and importance of freshwater environments, rain forests and the world´s oceans. The Living Planet Aquarium will "transport" you to these important habitats so you can experience their magical beauty and understand the wonder and intricacies of our interconnectedness to the global system of life.

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