Anaconda at The Living Planet Aquarium

Field/Recreation Program Management Internship

NOTE -- We are currently not taking Internship Applications.

Job Description

This internship will allow interns to have a greater knowledge and understanding of the needs of animals being housed in captive environments and how to maintain those environments.

The Animal Husbandry internship program will involve the basic skills and knowledge needed to maintain captive animals and will grow as the finish of the internship to the all encompassing tasks that Aquarist perform.

  • Work closely with the TLPA Volunteer Coordinator to creatively plan and manage filed programs of the volunteer program.
  • Plan field events and out line safety briefings and success of program.
  • Coordinate tool distribution, collection, maintenance, inventory, ordering and cleanup. Promote safe and satisfactory volunteer experience by providing safety training for all volunteers on best uses of tools and the site in which volunteers are working.
  • Lead volunteers during field program performing a wide range of tasks.
  • Promote rewarding volunteer experience by explaining value and impact of volunteer stewardship at the beginning of each work session, describing how program fits into the larger stewardship picture of the TLPA mission.
  • Plan ahead for large groups and families with younger children. Ensure proper supervision of children. Think of alternative activities to engage youth who may not be strongly interested in volunteering.
  • Coordinate volunteer sign-in sheets and waiver forms; maintain work log of projects implemented and planned. Compile monthly volunteer activity reports for TLPA, including accomplishments, number of volunteers and volunteer work hours.
  • Creatively and actively recruit volunteers by, among other means, developing, updating, and distributing signs, brochures, schedule of weekly work locations, posters and telephone messages.
  • Interns are encouraged to ask questions and fully understand all procedures and protocols for our animal husbandry department.

Internship Requirements

  • Competition of 180 Hours or more
  • Completion of Final Project
    • The Field Program intern will be required to complete a project approved by The Living Planet Aquarium Volunteer Service staff members, as well as write a paper on the project and give a short PowerPoint
    • presentation.

Application Requirements

Job Location

The Living Planet Aquarium

Position Type

Unpaid Intern

Please send application requirements to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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