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Teacher Professional Development

The following workshops offered by the Living Planet Aquarium education staff is part of the Teacher Resource Program (TRP). We are currently in the fifth year of this program. Funding for TRP was provided by the Utah State Legislature and the Utah State Office of Education's ISEE (Informal Science Education Enhancement) program.


Project Wet is a FREE internationally recognized program that enhances participants’ learning about water! Activities in the Project Wet Curriculum and Activity Guide are correlated with state and national formal education standards. Using interactive, hands-on, cross-curricular, and often inquiry-based methods of learning, participants increase their understanding about water in Utah. Additionally, the workshop is a great way for formal educators, informal educators, and community members to connect with each other while learning about water in a fun and engaging atmosphere. While purchasing the Project Wet Curriculum and Activity Guide ($25.00) is not required for workshop participation, it may be purchased at the workshop (cash or check made out to the Utah Society for Environmental Education).


Utah’s Unique Environments is a FREE workshop that trains teachers to engage students with important, relevant science content, equipment, materials, technology and resources, and inquiry based, student-centered classroom activities, as well as assists teachers in becoming knowledgeable and comfortable enough with the scientific content, lessons, materials, and resources that they implement them in their own classes independently. Every teacher who participates in a Utah’s Unique Environments workshop receives a FREE Teacher Packet and CD-Rom (with background information and a thirteen lesson unit plan with cross-curricular connections), and a FREE Classroom Materials Kit that contains: 2 Plant Presses, 1 Example of a Pressed Plant, 4 Tree "Cookies," Laminated Wetland Plant Pictures, Laminated Animal & Plant Pictures, 2 Student Field Binoculars, 30 Hand Lenses, 30 Insect Jars, 10 Peterson Insect First Guides, 10 Peterson Birds First Guides, 4 Peterson Trees First Guides and 3 Cloth Supply Bags.

For more information about our workshops or if you are interested in signing up for a scheduled TRP workshop, please contact our education department at 801.355.3474 x210.

For more information about our workshops or if you are interested in signing up for a scheduled TRP workshop, please contact Ariane Audd, Teacher Programs Coordinator at 801.355.3474 x252 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.