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The LLPA volunteer program is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions. At this time, we are not accepting applications or interviewing new volunteer applicants. Please check back in soon for updates.

Volunteer Opportunities at the Aquarium

Share your passion for our living planet, and help guests Explore, Discover, and Learn. Participants in the LLPA Volunteer Program are valuable members of our team. LLPA volunteers participate in a variety of roles, and are an integral part of daily operations, events, and special projects at the aquarium.

New Volunteer interviews are conducted on a quarterly basis in January, April, July, and October.

Already a volunteer?


Exhibit Interpreters share their passion and knowledge of the natural world with guests. They spark guest interest about the animals in our collection, the ecosystems they call home, and conservation. Volunteers helps strengthen the foundation of our organization.


  • All participants begin in the LLPA Exhibit Interpreter Program
  • You must be a minimum of 14 years of age to be an Exhibit Interpreter
  • You must commit to serve a minimum of one full day shift or two half day shifts per month; approximately nine hours per month.
  • There is a minimum six month commitment
  • a $20.00 program fee is requested

Specialist Positions

After 60 hours in the Exhibit Interpreter Program, volunteers can apply to specialist positions. Each position is a unique opportunity to expand your knowledge, skills, and involvement with Aquarium Teams. Each position has a specific age and time requirements.

Do you have a unique skill outside of the areas listed above? Contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator to discuss opportunities.


  • Free admission to the aquarium with volunteer ID
  • Discounted admission tickets for guests visiting the aquarium with you
  • Discounts in the cafe and Gift shop when in uniform
  • Invitation to Aquarium Team events


How old do I need to be to volunteer with LLPA?

You must be at least 14 years old to join the LLPA Volunteer Program. To qualify for any husbandry or animal handling volunteer position you must be at least 18 years old. To qualify for the dive volunteer program you must be at least 21 years old.

I filled out an application. When can I start volunteering?

LLPA conducts volunteer onboarding once every quarter – in January, April, July, and October. Volunteer onboarding includes an interview, an orientation, and a group training. All three of these events take place on pre-determined dates, and all are mandatory. No make-up dates will be offered! We strongly encourage applicants to get these dates in their calendars as soon as they are provided. Because the onboarding process is quite extensive, we cannot take on new volunteers outside of the designated onboarding dates. To increase your chance of getting your preferred start date, it is suggested that you submit your application at least one month prior to onboarding.

Do volunteers complete any training for their role?

All new volunteers go through an in-person training program to get them familiarized with volunteer processes and LLPA operations. This training program consists of shadowing staff members and successfully completing knowledge checks. Volunteers work at their own pace, and can stay in this training program until they feel confident and comfortable on their own.

Volunteers are also required to complete web based safety courses, which will be assigned during their first couple weeks of service. Safety is the top priority in our organization, so safety training must be completed in a timely manner. Volunteers may complete online courses at home using their own device, but they also have the option to use LLPA computers if they need staff assistance.

If a volunteer is accepted to a Specialist Position, additional training (both in-person and web based) will be assigned.

How many hours must I complete each month to stay active in the LLPA volunteer program?

Volunteers must complete two half shifts, or one full shift per month. This works out to about 8 ½ hours per month. Most specialist positions will require a greater number of hours per month. Any volunteer applying to a specialist position should review the monthly time requirement before filling out an application.

Is it possible to skip the initial 60 hours in the Exhibit Interpreter program, and join a specialist team right away?

All volunteers must complete 60 hours in the Exhibit Interpreter program before they can apply for a specialist role. This is true regardless of any skills, certifications, or previous experience. The 60 hour Exhibit Interpreter requirement exists to help volunteers familiarize themselves with our organization, our exhibits, and our operating procedures. It is very important for ALL volunteers to gain this context prior to moving into a specialist role. Exceptions may be made for certain current, or past, LLPA employees.

Can I use LLPA as a service site for high school credit?

It may be possible to use LLPA as a service site for certain high school classes or programs. This information must be disclosed to the Volunteer Services Coordinator prior to any service-for-credit activity. Please be aware that the Volunteer Services Coordinator reserves the right to refuse participation in any service-for-credit program, particularly if it conflicts with LLPA volunteer policies. Volunteers should not assume that they can use LLPA as a service site for credit, unless they have already received confirmation from the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

Do volunteers get benefits?

Yes! Volunteers receive a variety of benefits that become available immediately upon their start date. These include: free admission to LLPA, discounted LLPA tickets, and discounts at the café and gift shop. Additional benefits become available as volunteers fulfill a certain amount of hours. These include: admission tickets, memberships, animal encounter tickets, and more! Benefits will be discussed in further detail during Volunteer Orientation.

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