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Asian arowana

Arowana beneath water's surface

Scleropages formosus

Range: Asian arowanas can be found in a diverse grouping of freshwater systems in Southeast Asia and Indonesia.

Habitat: They are mostly found in forest-covered streams but are also seen in lakes, deep parts of swamps, flooded forests, and stretches of deep rivers.

Size: Asian arowana can grow up to three feet long.

Diet: The Asian arowana will eat insects at the water surface as juveniles, and fish and other small vertebrates as adults.

Conservation Connection: The Asian arowana is an endangered species due to the high threats of hunting and habitat destruction from various human activities. International trade of this species of tightly restricted.

Did You Know? The Asian arowana is the most sought after aquarium fish in the world. The highest known price was $300,000 and was supposedly sold to a high-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party.

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