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Asian small-clawed otters

Amblonyx cinereus

Range: Small-clawed otters can be found in southern and southeastern Asia.

Habitat: These otters live in freshwater systems, usually natural occurring streams or lakes with vegetation used as a cover.

Size: On average, small-clawed otters can grow to 1.5 to two feet long and weigh two to 11 pounds.

Diet: Small-clawed otters are carnivorous and have a diet that consists of insects, birds, eggs, small fish, amphibians, rodents, snakes, worms, and snails.

Conservation Connection: Due to habitat loss, more otters live near human communities. They also have a high threat from human poaching for their pelts and meat.

Did You Know? Unlike other otter species, these otters are more social and tend to live in extended families with monogamous parents.

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