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Binturong on a log

Arctictis binturong

Range: Binturongs are widely distributed throughout south and southeast Asia.

Habitat: They can be found in a variety of forests from evergreen to secondary lowland forests.

Size: Binturongs have a body that will range from two to three feet and tails that can be as long as 33 inches. They will typically weigh between 30 and 50 pounds.

Diet: As Omnivorous creatures, Binturongs have a diet that includes insects, fruits, birds, rodents and fish, earthworms, and eggs.

Conservation Connection: Binturongs are considered a vulnerable species due to a 30 percent population decline over the last 18 years. Their highest threat is habitat loss and degradation, over-hunting, and capture for pet trade.

Did You Know? Binturongs smell like buttered popcorn. This is due to a compound in their urine which shares a similar chemical compound to one found when heat causes a reaction between the amino acids and sugars in a kernel of corn during the popping process.

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