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Gentoo penguin

Gentoo penguin standing by shore

Pygoscelis papua

Range: Gentoo penguins are mainly found in the Sub-antarctic, down to the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. This is the area north of the Antarctic which includes islands and parts of other oceans.

Habitat: Colonies of Gentoo penguins can be inland or coastal on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic islands. They typically breed on ice-free ground such as beaches, island hills, and cliff tops.

Size: The Gentoo penguin can grow to about 30 inches in height and weigh around 11 to 19 pounds.

Diet: Gentoo penguins tend to feed on Rock cod, Lanternfish, crustaceans (Krill), amphipods, and cephalopods (mainly squid).

Conservation Connection: Threats that Gentoo penguins face include overfishing, egg hunting, and oil spills. There also has been a decline of penguin populations near the Falkland Islands due to a lack of food available.

Did You Know? Most penguins can only hold their breath for about a minute, but Gentoo penguins have been recorded holding their breath for up to seven minutes.

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