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Giant Pacific octopus

Enteroctopus dofleini

Range: The Giant Pacific octopus can be found along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Southern California.

Habitat: Giant Pacific octopuses can generally be found along rocky shores, in tide pools, and anywhere from the low tide line to depths of 1,650 feet.

Size: This is the largest species of octopus. On average, they measure about 16 feet from arm tip to arm tip. The largest recorded was 30 feet across and weighed 600 pounds.

Diet: The Giant Pacific octopus has a diet that consists of shrimp, crabs, scallops, abalones, clams, and fish.

Conservation Connection: Too little is known about octopus populations to know if they are threatened.

Did You Know? In laboratory tests and aquariums, these octopuses have been able to solve mazes very quickly, unscrew jar lids to retrieve food inside the jar, and even mimic other octopuses in a different tank.

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