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Green sea turtle

Green sea turtle underwater

Chelonia mydas

Range: Green sea turtles can be found in tropical and subtropical waters worldwide.

Habitat: These sea turtles live only in the open ocean.

Size: Green sea turtles grow to about four or five feet and weigh anywhere from 145 to 660 pounds.

Diet: The diet of the Green sea turtle is generally plant based. They will typically feed on algae in the sea and grasses in shallow waters. When they are young they will eat smaller organisms such as sea jellies, crabs, sponges, snails, and worms. They are strictly herbivores as adults.

Conservation Connection: Green sea turtles are an endangered species due to their many predators. There is also a high threat from ocean pollution. Green sea turtles are often injured or killed by eating garbage left on the beach or in the ocean.

Did You Know? Unlike their land counterparts, sea turtles are unable to retract their heads into their shells for protection.

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