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Creating Connections

Dive into “The Story of Water” and Connect with Your Living Planet

Wednesday, May 20, 2020, written by Shelby Dobson, photographed by Mika Miller

The second area on the Rio Tinto Kennecott Plaza, “The Story of Water,” illustrates how water connects us all. First, learn about migration and animals that travel near and far for survival. Then, grab onto the Migration zip line and zoom right underneath part of EECO (Ecosystem Exploration Craft & Observatory)!  

You’ll also enjoy the sights and sounds of a mountain stream featuring local Utah fish. Did you know fish migrate? The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recently installed a fish passage structure so Cutthroat trout can migrate from the Weber River to Strawberry Creek. Deer, elk, and bison also migrate through Utah. 

“The Story of Water” wouldn’t be complete without a demonstration of the water cycle. Our interactive exhibit shows the stages of the water cycle, including evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and runoff. Through play, children will learn about the steps of the hydraulic cycle and how water gets cleaned as it moves around our Living Planet. 

In the Connections area you’ll also find an interactive water table. Our Creative and Fabrication teams designed and created a water system that will show how humans interact with their waterways, from harvesting its energy, directing it for agriculture, collecting it in reserves, and much more. You’ll want to roll up your sleeves for this fun learning experience!

The Earth’s water supply is 97 percent saltwater, and less than three percent freshwater, which we use in our everyday lives. Remembering that water is a precious resource and learning how to conserve it will help animals and ecosystems around the world. 

Learn more about the Science Learning Campus expansion here.

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