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Outreach Programs

Our outreach programs visit 2nd, 4th, and 6th grade classrooms to support Utah science curriculum and inspire the future stewards of our Living Planet. Click below to learn more about these programs

Rainforest Van

Developed specifically for 2nd grade, this FREE 55 minute per class outreach program creates an experience as students “travel” across continents identifying locations of tropical rainforests around the world and meeting our amazing animal ambassadors from all around the globe.

Utah Waters Van

Developed specifically for 4th grade, our 55 minute per class FREE outreach program explores the importance of water in Utah. Teachers choose from two program options: Wonders of the Water Cycle or Investigating Utah’s Wetlands. Education Presenters discuss the water cycle, as well as the role that wetlands play in our environment, and how water affects animal life.

Ecosystems Van

Developed specifically for 6th grade, this outreach program explores stability and changes in ecosystems using inquiry based learning, hands on activities, and our Animal Ambassadors.  This program is free to public/charter 6th grade classes in Utah.

Virtual Aquarium Adventures

Join us on an adventure to explore, discover, and learn… all from the safety and comfort of your home! Virtual Aquarium Adventures are a brand new way to encourage curiosity and keep kids learning this summer. In this immersive experience, participants are invited to play a role in an adventure story, unlocking objectives as they work together to solve puzzles, complete S.T.E.M. challenges, and learn along the way.

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