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Planning The Perfect Event

Five Questions to Ask Yourself to Streamline the Planning Process

Tuesday, May 14, 2018 written by Stacee Pratt and photographed by Mika Miller

You’ve just been put in charge of the big company celebration. Where do you start? Here are five simple questions to ask.

What’s the purpose?

Before you decide linen colors, you need to determine the reason for this event. A formal dinner to hand out service awards will look completely different than an employee family picnic. Is your purpose to relax and mingle, or to sit back and be entertained? Think about what you’re celebrating and build your event from there.

Who’s on the invite list?

Are you inviting employees, clients, plus ones, or entire families? Do you have out of state guests and executives coming? Do you need to limit the size with strict RSVPs or can you include everyone interested in coming? Where you hold your event and how large you need your venue will depend upon your guest count so it’s important to know who you’re inviting.

When should the event be?

Timing is everything, and corporate events are no exception. If you plan to invite just employees, think about hosting your event in the middle of the day when you already have their attention. If you plan to invite families, an evening or weekend event will make it more convenient for your guests. Do you need to wait until after the holiday season or after your busy season? If you’d like to celebrate in December, you’ll want to start looking at locations in February. Remember to plan ahead as venues fill up fast.

What’s your budget?

A budget is more than just the money you can spend, it’s also about how you want to spend it. What will be meaningful to your group? A fancy dinner, exclusive experience, both? Think about what will make your event special and make sure you plan for it.

Where should you hold your event?

Once you figure out the what, who, when, and how much, it’s time to move onto where. If you need to keep it low key, consider what you can do at your office. If you want to go all-out, consider a place like the Aquarium. Our team does the hard work for you, like providing food, entertainment, beautiful backdrops, and a night to remember. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the event.

Start planning with a site tour at the Aquarium by clicking the button below! Come alone or bring your event planning team and enjoy complementary admission on the day of your tour.

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