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Experience the Outdoors & Support Coral Reef Conservation

Seaview is dedicated to helping restore coral reefs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 written by Leanna Read. Photographed by Mika Miler

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium is partnering with Seaview (formally known as Wildhorn), a Utah-based company that creates outdoor gear to help you spend time enjoying our living planet. Part of their mission is to protect and conserve our natural habitats, such as coral reefs, so they can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Seaview also shares the Aquarium’s interest in wildlife conservation and coral reef restoration. With this new partnership, Seaview is now a valued supporter of Living Planet Aquarium Coral Rescue (our reef restoration program located in the Philippines.)

“Each year we select an outstanding group dedicated to creating lasting impact for good on our planet. We believe in creating shared outdoor experiences with our friends and family. We want future generations to experience the wild in the same manner we do today. Our grants focus on efforts to protect and improve our oceans, beaches, forests, and mountains.”

To learn more about how SEAVIEW supports WILDLIFE CONSERVATION click here.

LPA Coral Rescue is taking action against the decline of coral reef systems using a proven method referred to as coral farming. This method uses underwater coral farms to grow and then ‘replant’ coral fragments to re-establish healthy reefs.

Our goal is to restore 22 million square feet of coral reef in the Coral Triangle.

With help from partners like Seaview, the Coral Rescue program has launched underwater coral nurseries in Panglao, Dumaguete, and most recently in the Philippines Zambales province.

Click below to learn more about Seaview’s conservation effort known as REEF2LEAF.
Visit our Coral Rescue webpage to become a donor and help restore coral reefs.

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