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Party FAQs

How do I book a party?

Once you are ready to make a reservation, complete the online birthday request form; a party coordinator will contact you within 3 business days. Please schedule your party at least three weeks in advance.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation less than two weeks in advance will result in a $100 cancellation fee per party room. There are no refunds within 3 business days. A decision to reschedule in advance may have payments moved to the new date.

What is the Aquarium doing for sanitation?

We will be thoroughly cleaning everything in Tuki’s in between parties and after the party is over. This includes windows, tables, chairs, the structure, bathrooms, etc.

What does a party include?

• 180 minutes in a private party room
• Admission to the Aquarium for up to 50 people for the entire day of your party (10:00am to 6:00pm Sunday through Saturday)
• Access to Tuki’s Island Fun Center during party time (socks required, age limit 12 years and under for play structure)
• Beverages (pitchers of Coca-Cola products and/or water will be served during your time in the private party room)
• Eight large pizzas (cheese or pepperoni)
• Paper plates, napkins, cups (blue, green, or pink) and navy plastic table covers
• Staff cleanup

Do I have to pay admission for my guests?

Aquarium admission is included with the party packages for up to 50 guests, depending on which party package is purchased.

Who is included in the party count? Can I add on Additional Guests?

Party size is limited for safety reasons. Birthday child and family are included in the party count, plus any combination of children, adults and Aquarium members attending.

Parents are bringing their children to the party. Do I have to pay for them?

Parents who stay with their child need their own Party Admission Ticket and will be part of your party count.

I have invited parents to drop off/pick up their children for the party. What do I need to do?

Give your guests a way to contact you. Have them indicate at the check-in desk they are dropping off a child for the party. We will issue a 5-10 minute pass that allows them to take their child to the party room and coordinate pick up with you.

What is Tuki’s Island Play & Party Center?

Tuki’s Island Play & Party center is a central play area for the four party rooms.  It is designed for children under the age of 12. It is available to Aquarium Members, the general public paying for admission, and party guests. Socks are required for everyone intending to explore the play structure.

Can I bring candles?

Yes, regular birthday candles are allowed in the party rooms. No sparkling or trick candles.

Can I bring food?

You may bring cake, cupcakes and ice cream. Other outside food and drinks are not permitted. You may, however, order food from the Aquarium. Additional food items must be ordered at least three business days before your party. If you desire additional food on the day of your party, you may purchase food at the café and bring it to the private party room.

What decorations can I bring?

Guests can bring table decorations or centerpieces. The following items are prohibited in the party rooms and the Aquarium: balloons, glitter, confetti, fog, bubble machines, and sparkling candles.

How long do the parties last?

Parties include 180 minutes in a private party room with access to Tuki’s Island Play & Party Center during your party time. You and your guests are welcome to explore the Aquarium on your own anytime during the day of your party.

How much does the party cost?

Aquarium Member price: $950
Standard price: $855

What is the Private Animal Meet-and-Greet?

Get up close with one animal and learn all about that amazing animal with an Aquarium Educator. The cost for this party add-on is $50.
• Animal Meet-and-Greets last approximately 15-20 minutes and will be held in your private party room.
• Possible animal guests include reptiles, insects, mammals, and birds.
• Animal Meet-and-Greet must be requested at booking and will be booked on a 1st-come-1st-served basis.

Party Tips

• When you arrive; skip the general admission line, enter through the southeast doors and check-in 30 minutes early. We will ask you to sign the Party Contract and Information Form before releasing the party admission tickets.
• We will distribute party admission tickets to your guests as they check in at the Aquarium; everyone is required to have a party admission ticket and wristband that allows them into the private party room.
• A guest list is optional; however, a list will ensure your tickets are being used for guests who have RSVP’d. Any additional guests may be asked to purchase their own Aquarium admission unless otherwise specified in your party Contract and Information Form.
• If you have booked an Animal Meet-and-Greet be sure to let your guests know to arrive early so they can enjoy your special guest with you.
• You may bring cake, cupcakes or ice cream to your party. Other outside food is not allowed. Beverages and 2 or 4 pizzas are provided (depending upon party size). Additional pizza and food items can be ordered from the party menu up to 3 business days in advance. On the day of your party, you can order from the onsite café and bring that food into the private party room
• Children playing in Tuki’s Island are required to wear socks. We have socks available to borrow or you may wear your own.

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