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Clouded Leopard Day Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello adventurers! Thank you so much for joining Loveland Living Planet Aquarium as we celebrate International Clouded Leopard Day. This scavenger hunt is an awesome activity that you, your family, and your friends can do to learn and connect with Clouded Leopards and the Living Planet. Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, August 8, 2020. The rules are simple:

  • Follow the scavenger hunt prompts (below)
  • When you reach the picture-perfect spot, take a photo, video, or screenshot. Feel free to be creative and have fun!
  • You must complete at least 5 of the challenges to be entered into the giveaway. Submit your photos via direct message on Instagram or Facebook.
  • We will pick one winner who will receive a Clouded Leopard gift basket and an exclusive before-hours tour for up to 4 guests. The tour will include a private viewing of a leopard training and a Q&A with the keeper in charge of the leopards, as well as day entry to the aquarium.

Best of luck and happy International Clouded Leopard Day!

**Tour date will be determined after winner is announced. Date is subject to schedule availability. Only one full entry per person.

Photo Challenges

  1. Clouded Leopards are masters of camouflage, which helps them catch their prey. Find an animal in your neighborhood that is colored for camouflage and take a photo.
  2. Plastic in the environment can cause a tough time for all animals, including Clouded Leopards. You can help by picking up trash that you see, which will help protect species in Utah. For this next photo, go on a walk and collect trash that you see, make sure to take a before and after photo.
  3. Clouded Leopards’ biggest threat is habitat loss from palm oil farming. One of the ways we can help is by choosing products that do not decrease food and resources for the Clouded Leopards. Download the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s Palm Oil app to start using sustainable palm oil.
  4. Follow the aquarium on Instagram and Facebook!
  5. Clouded Leopards are carnivorous, and they have to hunt and eat strategically. Take a video of yourself eating like you think a Clouded Leopard would.
  6. Clouded Leopards use their stealth and coloration to blend in with their environment. Snap a photo of yourself camouflaging to blend in with your environment.
  7. On Tuesday, August 4, tune into our social media to hear one of our Clouded Leopard keepers talk about what it takes to care for Rhu and Koshi. You’ll see the code word, then take a video of you completing that challenge.
  8. Clouded Leopards are apex predators, which means they are on the top of the food chain. To show that you are on top, take a photo of yourself on something tall. (building, mountain, etc)
  9. Clouded Leopards are beautiful creatures. Grab some craft supplies and create a beautiful piece of art based on Clouded Leopards. Take a photo of your masterpiece.
  10. Clouded Leopards spend much of their time in trees. To help keep their balance, they use their large tail. Snap a photo of you balancing on one foot with a tale (book) balanced on your head.
  11. The IUCN Red List states that Clouded Leopards are endangered. Do some research on what you can do to help! Once you have found something you can do, draw a red paw print on the back of your hand and snap a photo. (Use the #endangeredspecies on social media)
  12. Clouded Leopards have large paws in comparison to their body size, but that doesn’t stop them from strutting their stuff and looking stunning. Take a video of you strutting your stuff on your own catwalk.
  13. Clouded Leopards can rotate their paws backward to help them climb down trees and hang upside down. This has earned them the title “acrobats of the feline world.” Take a video of you showing off your acrobatic skills.
  14. Our male Clouded Leopard Koshi loves burlap sacks as a form of enrichment. Take a video of yourself racing a friend or family member in a burlap sack (or any bag works).
  15. Rhu, our female Clouded Leopard, loves to chase brooms for fun and enrichment. Take a photo of what you like to do for fun and enrichment.
  16. Clouded Leopards are a very vocal species. Rhu and Koshi will purr, chuff, meow, and hiss. Using only these sounds, take a 15-second video of you teaching us something.
  17. Clouded Leopards are found in hot and humid rainforest habitats. Take a photo of yourself in your natural habitat.
  18. Use the tag #RhuandKoshi on all of photos/videos and upload it to your social media (take a screenshot and send it to us!)

Have fun!

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