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Phone Photography Tips & Tricks

10 Ways to Capture Better Photos

Thursday, June 14, 2018 written and photographed by Mika Miller

All of the animals at the Aquarium are photogenic, but how do you get just the right shot of them? Here are 10 tips and tricks on taking great photos just from your phone!

1. Don’t use a flash! Using a flash will result in a lot of unwanted reflections from the tank you are taking pictures of. Instead, try taking some silhouette pictures like the one below.


2. Pay attention to your crop. Make sure your subject is where you want it to be before you snap the photo. You can always crop in later.


3. Frame your subject. Our animals have immersive habitats with a lot of opportunities for them to be surrounded by their environment. Look for these framing opportunities and snap a photo.


4. Look out for busy backgrounds. To make your subject stand out, find a background that doesn’t have many other objects, people, or animals.


5. Move around! When you stand in one place you’re only going to see one angle. Move around and look for the best spot, then snap away.


6. Edit your photos carefully. While you don’t want to over-edit your photos, most can benefit from a small boost to color and saturation just from the in-camera edit screen.


7. Don’t shoot with a filter. Filters are fun and cool, but if you shoot with a filter it will always be on that picture. Instead, shoot without the filter and add one later. Then you can experiment with different filters and still keep the original shot.


8. Find a unique perspective. Try holding your camera lower or higher than you normally would for a different view.


9. Keep an eye out for fun lighting. Many of our tanks have cool colors and different lighting making for interesting photos.


10. Last but not least, have patience! Animals can be unpredictable but with a little patience and some good timing, you can get great shots.


Share your amazing photos of Loveland Living Planet Aquarium with us by tagging our Instagram (@lovelandlivingplanet) and with the hashtag #LLPA.

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