Any Utah student between the ages of four and 14 that attends a Title 1 school OR is eligible for free or reduced price school lunch is eligible for the scholarship. All Utah foster children are also eligible.

Applicants that don’t attend or live within the boundaries of a Title 1 school must meet the household income eligibility for free/reduced school lunch. However, applicants do not need to participate in the free/reduced lunch program to be eligible for the Tesoro Summer Scholars Program.

Homeschool students are welcome and encouraged to apply. To be eligible, the homeschool students must be between the ages of four to 14 by the first day of camp, live within the boundaries of a Title 1 school or meet household income eligibility for free/reduced school lunch. Applicants do not have to participate in the free/reduced lunch program, only qualify.

In lieu of a school letterhead as proof of eligibility, homeschool students can furnish proof of address within a Title 1 school’s boundaries (utility bill or similar) or proof of income eligibility for free/reduced lunch (pay stub or similar).

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transportation as part of the scholarship. However, each scholarship recipient will receive a $5/day stipend to help pay the cost of gas or public transportation. If your child receives a scholarship, you will need to make travel arrangements to/from camp each day.

Lunch is provided as part of the Tersoro Summer Scholars Program. However, if your child has specific dietary needs or preferences, you are welcome to send your own lunch from home

Yes. UTA F514 stops directly across from the Aquarium every 30 minutes. This route is easily accessed from the Sandy Civic Center Station, the South Jordan Frontrunner Station, or the Draper Frontrunner Station.

Yes. The scholarship can be used for any regular camp that has openings including field trip and sleepover camps

No. All fees associated with the camp are covered by the scholarship. You will need to provide transportation for your camper. Although not required, we strongly encourage scholarship recipients to write a thank you note to the Tesoro Corporation

Any financial information you provide as part of the scholarship application is confidential. We do not share or sell your personal information with anyone, including camp sponsors. We may use your contact information to send you updates about camps or other education programs.