Loveland Living Planet Aquarium’s Science Learning Campus expansion will take place on the nine-acre lot directly south of the Aquarium’s current facility and include a multi-functional, 80,000-square foot Science Learning Center. The Center’s distinctive, innovative exterior design mirrors Utah’s Wasatch Mountains to the east. Once inside, guests will be immersed in discovery and learning through a Conservation Center, new animal exhibits, STEM-based science classrooms, high-tech laboratories, a Science Entrepreneur Center, and much more. Thank you for being apart of our journey.


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Once inside the Science Learning Center’s distinctive, innovative exterior design mirroring Utah’s Wasatch Mountains to the east, guests will be immersed in discovery and learning through:

New animal exhibits and science interactive exhibits

A five-story rainforest habitat and Endangered Species Conservation Center for the Aquarium’s Clouded leopards, Toucans and other animals within LLPA’s Species Survival Plan program

Banquet and conference spaces

STEM-based, state-of-the-art classrooms for grades K-12 as well as college level students

Science Summer Camp programs

High-tech laboratories equipped for marine biology, genetics, biology and chemistry studies

What value can be placed on the gift of one child experiencing for the first time the wonders of the oceans, the deserts of Utah, or a tropical rain forest? What does it feel like to gaze into the eyes of an endangered Clouded leopard? At Loveland Living Planet Aquarium we see the answers to these questions every single day.

Millions of visitors have walked the galleries including hundreds of volunteers, thousands of Aquarium members, and tens of thousands of students. Behind the large numbers are individuals; one child desiring to travel, one child motivated to care about animals, one child encouraged to teach, one generation moved to make the world a better place for all.

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