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What’s the Theme?

How to Plan Three Essential Elements of a Theme

Wednesday, October 9, 2019, written by Leanna Read and photographed by Mika Miller

If you think back to the most memorable parties you’ve attended, it is likely a special, intended theme impressed you.

Perhaps you browsed online, saw examples of party themes you wanted to recreate, and weren’t sure you could ‘nail it’ with the same finesse. Hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will feel more capable of planning a ‘Pinterest worthy’ theme for your next party.

A theme can be defined by three essential categories.


Refreshments, Beverages, Meal, Desserts

Refreshments are more than an indulgence, they provide opportunities for the wallflowers to join the crowd, and they can create a lasting impression about the event theme. Whether you are providing only hors d’œuvres or a full meal, you can craft a specific menu for your guests to experience the theme on more than a visual level.

Look for cultural or seasonal dishes that are uniquely tied to your theme. For example, tropical fruit is always a favorite for summer-themed events; nuts and berries are thematically apropos for a winter palate, and everyone gets a kick out of spooky Halloween-themed foods.


Games, Mingling, Meet-and-Greets, Competitions

An activity, whether it facilitates socializing or is just good fun, can be enhanced to be more memorable when they correlate with the event’s theme. Some themes provide the opportunity for unique activities like White Elephant gifting games, costume contests, and so much more.

There are several factors that can determine the right kinds of activities to prepare for your event:

  1. Size of the room/space
  2. Number of guests (and their age)
  3. Length of activity/effort required
  4. Supplies needed

One of the simplest activities for gatherings of any size is an icebreaker like “Never have I Ever” and other games that require only participation. Another easy option for any theme is a competition like guessing the quantity of an item in a jar. These can be used all year round with an endless variety of candies appropriate for your theme.


Garlands, Wall Hangings, Colors, Backdrops, Table Settings

The décor, of course, contains many sub-categories depending on what is possible at your venue. Lighting and music can even be included in decor as they define the ambiance of the event.

You may have to dedicate a large budget if you want a fully immersive experience for your guests. However, you don’t have to go all-out to impress. The internet is brimming with DIY projects to make decorations without breaking the bank. All you need is time, patience, a crew of helpers, and a glue gun!

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