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Scarlet’s Adventure

Join Scarlet on an Adventure Around the Aquarium

Our Scarlet Macaw is helping us bring the Aquarium to you at home! See the latest videos here.

Episode 1: Branching Out

Join Scarlet in Journey to South America to learn about plants and their adaptations with Lucas, one of the horticulturalists at Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Episode 2: Hangin’ with Sloths

Scarlet is still enjoying her adventure through Journey to South America with Michelle, and in this episode, she met with Lesley to learn about Sloths.

Episode 3: Waddling Around

Scarlet and Michelle meet some flightless feathered friends and their keeper Karli. Can you guess where is the next stop on Scarlet’s Adventure?

Episode 4: Taking Flight

Scarlet’s Adventure continues as she meets some colorful birds, like herself, from Expedition Asia! Join Scarlet, Michelle, and endotherm keeper Alyssa in today’s episode about birds in Asia.

Episode 5: Otterly Amazing

Scarlet continues her expedition in Asia today! She and Michelle meet some incredible mammals and their keeper, Cade. Learn how we help our animals stay active with physical and mental stimulation.

Episode 6: Otter this World

Join Scarlet and Michelle to meet our Utah-native otters with Associate Curator Lauren. These otters are brothers and their names are Oscar, Oliver, and Otis.

Episode 7: Life in the Slow Lane

Scarlet and Michelle are taking a slower pace to meet a Utah-native reptile! They are joined by Keeper Becky between her daily tasks to learn how she cares for this endangered species.

Episode 8: Crabulous Creatures

What does it take to survive in the deep sea? Where do you get your food? Take a deep dive with Scarlet and Michelle to learn about animals that live in the dark deep ocean from Aquarist Nikki.

Episode 9: Go with the Flow

Scarlet and Michelle are on the hunt for jellies. No, not the fruity condiment, sea jellies! Ease back and enjoy the gentle flow of life with sea jellies and their keeper, Nikki.

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